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Single-table Inheritance And Validates_as_unique

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Single-table Inheritance And Validates_as_unique

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I had a User class, which then had a Moderator class.  I was using the "type" field in my database to denote whether a user was a User or a Moderator.  However, my validations weren't working as I expected:

validates_as_unique :name, :email

Users could have the same email address as Moderators.  Obviously sometimes this kind of scoping makes sense for STI classes, but it doesn't here.  I ended up writing this:

module ActiveRecord
  module Validations
    module ClassMethods
      # Intended for use with STI tables, helps ignore the type field
      def validates_overall_uniqueness_of(*attr_names)
        configuration = { :message => "must be unique" }
        configuration.update(attr_names.pop) if attr_names.last.is_a?(Hash)

        validates_each(attr_names, configuration) do |record, attr_name, value|
          records = self.find(:all, :conditions=> ["#{attr_name} = ?", value])
          record.errors.add(attr_name, configuration[:message]) if records.size > 0 and records[0].id != record.id

This hastily named validation keyword allows you to specify fields you want to be considered unique across the entire table, whether they be Users, Moderators, Admins or MagicalPixies.  Now I just use:

validates_overall_uniqueness_of :name, :email


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