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Sites I Admire in Web Development

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Sites I Admire in Web Development

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Recently, I've been giving some thought to the future of my web development articles and tutorials site, Flippin' Awesome. When I started it nearly six months ago, the plan wasn't just to become yet another web developer tutorials site--there are already a ton of those, to be quite honest. My goal was and is to make it one of the premiere sites for web developers. One of the ways to try and formulate a path for the site is to look at other sites that I admire and learn from them. So, this post discusses some of those sites I admire most, and why.

Smashing Magazine: More than any other publication, Smashing Magazine, created by Vitaly Friedman, is what I would say I aspire to be. The site consistently publishes quality and influential articles from a array of authors, both well-known and not. Not only that, but they've turned this into a thriving business with books and events.

CoDrops: Manoela Ilic (aka Mary Lou) and Pedro Botelho run this site, which has a heavy CSS and design focus. While the site has contributions from outside authors, the majority of tutorials and experiments are posted by Mary Lou. The thing that impresses me most is that, while maintaining a steady stream of content, every demo is both technically impressive and attractively designed.

CSS-Tricks: Chris Coyier's site has become a great resource for cutting-edge design tutorials from Chris and others. One of the small things I enjoy about this site is the way Chris prefaces each external contribution with a summary of why he thought it was important to share.

Raymond Camden's Blog: Ray and I have been friends for some time, but I have always admired his blog. It's not just that he generally keeps a steady stream of content but more so that he has a very authentic voice. Ray has a way of writing that makes complicated topics seem unintimidating.

This is not a definitive list - there are many more sites that I admire, such as A List Apart, David Walsh Blog, Christian Heilmann's blog and others. What sites do you admire the most?


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