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Six Line Peer-to-peer Client/server In Ruby

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Six Line Peer-to-peer Client/server In Ruby

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slonik AZ wrote:
> slashdot published an article on someone's
> 15 lines long Peer-2-Peer application
> http://developers.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=04/12/15/1953227

> Another person followed up with a 9 line equivalent Perl code.

> I wonder what an equivalent Ruby program would look like?

I did this 9.5 hours ago. Compared to the python one it is not
vulnerable to File stealing attacks (a client can request a file
../foobar and ~/foobar from the python server and will get it back
AFAIK) and 6 lines long. It is however vulnerable to the DRb style
.instance_eval exploits. I will fix this shortly, but I might have to
use 7 lines then.
# Server: ruby p2p.rb password server server-uri merge-servers # Sample: ruby p2p.rb foobar server druby://localhost:1337 druby://foo.bar:1337 # Client: ruby p2p.rb password client server-uri download-pattern # Sample: ruby p2p.rb foobar client druby://localhost:1337 *.rb require'drb';F,D,C,P,M,U,*O=File,Class,Dir,*ARGV;def s(p)F.split(p[/[^|].*/])[-1 ]end;def c(u);DRbObject.new((),u)end;def x(u)[P,u].hash;end;M=="client"&&c(U).f( x(U)).each{|n|p,c=x(n),c(n);(c.f(p,O[0],0).map{|f|s f}-D["*"]).each{|f|F.open(f, "w"){|o|o< Source: p2p.rb (Florian Gross), mentioned here

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