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A sketch of Adobe Flex Architecture capabilities

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I am evaluating Adobe Flex technology to do rich internet applications. Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words: so in the following I sketched an overview of Flex programming capabilities.

Diagram focuses on how to create a Flash Application (compiling MXML and Actionscript files using the free Flex SDK) and on what kind of interactions a Flex-made application can perform with external systems.


Some starting (and incomplete) references:

  • Protocols
    • AMF (Action Message Format) used for serializing objects [link]
    • RTMP (Real Time Messaging protocol) used for messaging [link]
  • Project & Products
    • Adobe Flex Data Service (renamed in Adobe Lifecycle Services) [link]
    • Open AMF [link]
    • Red5 Flash Server [link]

 [Source: Piero Campanelli]


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