Sleep 2.1: Java Scripting Language

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Sleep 2.1: Java Scripting Language

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After 2 years of development, Sleep 2.1 is now released. Sleep is a Java-based scripting language heavily inspired by Perl. Features include first-class functions and continuations, a built-in debugger, taint mode security, and access to the Java class library. Sleep embeds into applications, executes scripts stand-alone, and it supports the Java 6 Scripting Framework.

$ java -jar sleep.jar
>> Welcome to the Sleep scripting language
> x iff(unpack('i!', pack('i+', 1))[0] == 1, "big endian", "little endian")
big endian

Sleep can embed into applications, implement mobile agents, extract and parse binary data, and a lot more. More information is available at the Sleep homepage:


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