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Slideshare Is The Biggest Opportunity In B2B Content Marketing

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Slideshare Is The Biggest Opportunity In B2B Content Marketing

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In a recent conference, I was asked my opinion on what is the biggest opportunity in B2B Content Marketing? Without hesitation, I answered “Slideshare.”

With more than 50 Million visitors per month and more than 100 million pageviews, slideshare is one of the top websites in the world and should be a key focus of any B2B content marketing program.

According to Comscore, Slideshare is used by business owners and business executives at a rate 5 times any other social network! The top categories in Slideshare are Business and Technology, followed by Education, Travel and Health.

In its own blog, slideshare released an infographic celebrating its 10 millionth uploaded presentation. They even curated a selection of resources to help you understand what to upload to slideshare.

Can marketers create effective slideshare decks?

I think we certainly get lots of practice. If you’re anything like me, you spend a good portion of your time as a marketer either creating slides yourself, helping others create slide decks, or listening to others present . . . (yes you guessed it) . . . slides.

So if we create slide decks as part of our job, why not turn some of those great ideas into something your customers can use? Think about the presentations you attend or create and consider how you can create external versions that answer key customer questions.

If your executives are presenting at conferences, ask them for the slide decks they are using along with a copy of their speaker notes. I have used this effectively for my own presentations as well as for some of our executives.

And if you are interested in additional resources to help you take advantage of the slideshare opportunity, check out some of these best-ever slideshare decks: The Brand GapDeath by Powerpoint, Mary Meeker’s internet trends report and a Steve Jobs tribute on presentation tips.

If you’re really motivated, you could buy the book,  ”The Marketer’s Guide To Slideshare by my friend Todd Wheatland (@ToddWheatland). It’s really very easy to read and presents a solid case for the Slideshare opportunity, especially for B2B Conetnt Marketers, and also presents a roadmap to converting leads.

For something a little easier to digest, Zack Tyler just uploaded these 10 Tips for Landing on the Front Page of SlideShare to help get you started on the path to success with Slideshare. After clicking through some of these resources and slides, tell me: do you think Slideshare is the biggest opportunity in B2B Content Marketing? If not what is? I’d love to hear your thoughts .


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