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SME Beginners Guide to Setting up a Pay Per Click Campaign in AdWords

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SME Beginners Guide to Setting up a Pay Per Click Campaign in AdWords

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So you’ve got a hold of a free Adwords voucher and want to spend it? The problem is you don’t know how to… This simple post will show you how to create a campaign and have your ads up and running in no time.

Create an AdWords Account

First things first, you need to create an adwords account, which you can either use your current Google account details for or create a Google account if you don’t already have one. Just go to adwords.google.co.uk and set up the account

Once you create an account set your currency and time zone then verify the account through your email. However before we start creating campaigns we need to get everything set up and ready to go. We recommend getting your keywords in order and having your ad groups set out before you start playing around with adwords.

Using the AdWords Keyword Tool

While there can be no doubt no one knows your business better than you, you shouldn’t just pick the keywords (search terms that people smash into Google searches) off the top of your head to target as you need to find out the terms people are actively searching for which is best done through the keyword tool.

Type in something that you would search for if trying to find a business like yours, for example if you run a florists in Glasgow put in ‘florist glasgow’. The keyword tool will then give you ad group ideas for terms it recognizes people search for and will also display the amount of searches these terms get both locally and globally.

The next step is getting the keywords that best fit your business into a spreadsheet so you can sort them into groups. Mark the box of all the keywords you want to target with your ads and once you’ve selected them all download them.

Spreadsheet Edits

Once they’re downloaded you should sort them in the spreadsheet. The key here is bunching all the keywords that are very similar into a group and put a title above them, for example:

Flower Shops Group

Flower shops in Glasgow

Flower shops Glasgow

Glasgow flower shops

Flower shop in Glasgow

Florist Group

Glasgow florist

Florist in Glasgow

Florists Glasgow city centre

Florist in Glasgow city centre

Once you have sorted all the keywords into different groups you’re now ready to go into AdWords and set up your campaign.

Create Campaigns and Ad Groups with campaign settings

OK so you now have keywords ready and you know what you want to target, log into AdWords and create your first campaign.

In the settings in the next step:

  • Give your campaign a name
  • Change the type to Search Network Only
  • Choose what devices you want to target
  • Set a budget of the maximum you want to spend per day
  • Click save and continue

The next step is building ad groups. This is where the spreadsheet already created comes in handy.

Name the ad group with the title you gave to the groups of keywords in the spreadsheet

Create an ad (add in a headline and description which include yourr keywords of that group) e.g.

Headline Quality Glasgow Florist

Description Line 1 Jen’s Flowers in Glasgow City Centre

Description Line 2 Next Day Delivery Bouquets From 29

Display URL jensflowers.co.uk/Glasgow-Florist

Destination URL www.jensflowers.co.uk

In the keywords section just copy and paste the keywords you had found and sorted for that group

Click on Save and Continue to billing

  • Put in your details and where you’re based
  • Choose what type of payments you would like manual (top up your account whenever you like) or automatic (update whenever you run out of money or after 30 days).
  • Add in the code of the voucher if you have one

ACTIVATE it and your ads will be up and running in no time attracting more traffic to your site!


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