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Smooth 3D wobbly cube with VBO rebuffering: CubicVR.js

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Smooth 3D wobbly cube with VBO rebuffering: CubicVR.js

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CubicVR, a 3D engine written in C++, was ported to JavaScript using WebGL, and shown off by a pretty awesome tech demo (Flight of the Navigator) at Mozilla's Web o' Wonder:


Flight of the Navigator


Now the engine's creator, Charles Cliffe, has dived deeper into WebGL and created an impressively smooth-wobbling cube implementing dynamic VBO rebuffering (see OpenGL spec here):


wobbly cube


The new demo takes better advantage of WebGL's awesome: if you've got a good GPU, the wobbly cube implementing the VBO extension should run much faster than the Flight of the Navigator.

The project is on github, and is worth poking around.


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