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SnappyData is a really cool technology that speeds up your Spark programs. Here's a super to-the-point article describing SnappyData and some of their recent and upcoming announcements.

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SnappyData, the in-memory Spark accelerator fused with Gemfire and state-of-the-art AQP (approximate query processing).

I have tried SnappyData and it's really cool technology that speeds up your Spark programs. Anyone that has used GemfireXD in the past will love SnappyData. I am working on a demo with SnappyData on Spark 1.6 on HDP 2.4.

SnappyData Has Opened Their JIRA For All

There is an upcoming O'Reilly webcast on efficient state management in Spark coming up on May 25th at 1pm PST. 

SnappyData just received their Series A funding from Pivotal, GE Ventures, and GTD capital as well. 

SnappyData recently published a recording of a talk titled "create robust analytic applications with Spark Streaming."

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