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So You Want to Use LPWAN Technologies

If you're considering building or adopting an LPWAN solution, be mindful of both the benefits and the drawbacks the technology offers.

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Many forward-thinking businesses around the world are starting to experience the benefits that come from the use of the Internet of Things (IoT), which is also known as LPWAN tech. LPWAN tech stands for low-power wireless wide area network technology. One of the main reasons LPWANs are implemented in businesses is the simple fact that LPWANs perform with greater power efficiency than some mobile networks and are not as expensive. LPWAN tech is a way to connect devices to the internet without a cellular data connection and Wi-Fi. Below are some of the ways LPWAN tech is used as well as some of the benefits of LPWAN tech.

How Is LPWAN Tech Used?

As briefly explained earlier, LPWAN tech is a way for companies to connect controllers and sensors to the world wide web with needing to use Wi-Fi or cellular data connection. Companies using these technologies to achieve their business goals and objectives include IBM, Cisco, Fastnet, and Texas Instruments.

Some of the applications for LPWAN tech range from smart garbage cans to water meters to shipping machinery. Data collected by companies via LPWAN tech can be used to do a variety of things including:

  • Understanding and identifying the ideal customer
  • How to reduce operating issues to improve overall efficiency
  • Monitor freight movements for foreign factories
  • Track security threats

With the amount of data that can relayed to key decision makers within companies, LPWAN tech can be used to help businesses around the world achieve goals and objectives. Now that you have a better idea of how businesses use LPWAN tech, you will gain a better idea of the benefits of LPWAN tech.

Benefits of LPWAN Technologies

You may have guessed by now that there are a good number of benefits organizations can receive as a result of using LPWAN tech. Here are three benefits your business can experience from using LPWAN tech:

Lower Operating Costs

Although using LPWAN tech may seem like a no-brainer, LPWANs actually went away for some time but came back into use a few years ago in favor of other approaches to device management and collecting data. The drive to use more sensor-driven networks without direct connections to cellular data and WiFi has helped companies reduce operating costs. Paying for cellular data and WiFi can prove to be costly for companies looking to operated as cost-efficiently as possible.

Increased Efficiency

Thanks to the development of sensors that can be easily attached to machinery and other equipment, businesses can increase overall operating efficiency. Businesses operating on a tight schedule such as garbage companies and package delivery companies can collect data in order to learn which drivers are sticking to their routes. Healthcare professionals can easily know which devices need servicing and even understand how to improve the transitions of patients out of the hospital.

Different Layers of Security

Depending on the tech used, LPWAN technologies can provide different layers of security as part of a network security tool to protect company data. The levels of security provided by such devices are key provisioning, message confidentiality, identity protection, device or subscriber authentication, and network authentication according to the Internet of Things Agenda.

Drawbacks of LPWAN Technologies

While there are many benefits of using LPWAN technologies, there are a few drawbacks. One drawback is the limited ability to send and receive data. This issue is present since devices are not connected via WiFi or cellular data. The use of such signals implemented by LPWAN devices means a weaker and slower signal. Another possible drawback of using LPWAN technologies is the time lost to train staff and employees on how to use devices. It can take some time to understand how LPWAN tech works and succeed in dealing with the learning curve that comes with adopting new devices.

Put LPWAN Tech to Work for You

Before putting LPWAN tech to work for you, research what will work best for you in order to experience the benefits of LPWAN tech. You will be able to experience the different layers of security, lower operating costs and increased efficiency that comes with the implementation of LPWAN technologies in your business. By creating a tech adoption plan, your employees can quickly put LPWAN tech to work for you and accomplish your business goals.

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