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SOAFaces - Component Framework for SOA + RIA Development

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SOAFaces - Component Framework for SOA + RIA Development

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The goal of the SOAFaces project is to provide developers with an API for building SOA and RIA powered component (GWT + SOA) that can be composed easily into Web Applications or Workflow driven Jobs with convenient access to local and remote messaging services.

SOAFaces = RIA + SOA

With SOAFaces you get the full power of an AJAX API combined with a SOA API.

What can I build with SOAFaces?

  • Secure Web Applications
  • Mashup applications to full-blown AJAX clients
  • Batch oriented jobs
  • Workflow processing
  • You decide........

Specifically, the goals of the SOAFaces project include the following:

  1. No need to write GWT RPC code anymore. Use the UniversalClient API to talk with POJO services that are packaged in your application server and/or talk with Mule accessible services/endpoints all across your enterprise and internet. Your GWT application will have convenient access to messaging services (SOAP, JMS, ESB ...etc) that can return JavaBeans or JSON objects back to the GWT client. All marshaling is handled by the framework.
  2. A framework for building SOA GUI applications using modular components. Build anything from a simple AJAX type applet all the way to a full blown web application.
  3. Package your code as a component and deploy your code as a component.
  4. SOAFaces components are packaged into a simple JAR formatted archive and easily shared, deployed, and executed.
  5. Create back-end workflow powered jobs and services that can be scheduled and run on the back-end with easy access to web services. Workflow properties and configuration rules can be configured using a web GUI.

Sounds like a lot doesn't it? Well the SOAFaces framework is up to the task and keeps it as simple as possible. Keep reading if you would like to hear more........

For more information visit:

http://code.google.com/p/soafaces/ - SOAFaces Project

http://grandlogic.comJobServer - Workflow/Application Engine implementing SOAFaces



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