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The social business Christmas lectures (part 1)

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The social business Christmas lectures (part 1)

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One of the highlights of Christmas for me is the Royal Institution Christmas lectures.  They first began back in 1825 with a lecture by Michael Faraday, and have run uninterrupted ever since, bar from a break for the 2nd world war.  The aim of the lectures is a simple one: to present scientific subjects to a general audience, including young people, in an informative and entertaining manner.

The lectures have been televised since the 1960's and generally cover some interesting topics in an accessible way.  Anyway, far be it from me to suggest this post is in any way comparable to the Christmas lectures, but I thought it might be nice to borrow the format, and share three interesting lectures on topics surrounding the social business field.

I'll post one each day in the run up to Christmas.  The first one features University of Michigan professor Scott Page talking about the importance of diversity to business.  His principle hypothesis is that diversity trumps ability.  The theory is expanded in his book The Difference, but this lecture provides a nice overview.  With one of the main benefits of social business being the ability to bring diversity of thought, be it from inside or outside the organisation, this lecture should be of interest to all working in this field.

Hope you enjoy.

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