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Social isn’t dead, it’s just an expectation

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Social isn’t dead, it’s just an expectation

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It’s funny to watch the hype around trends and technologies grow and shrink over time. What seemed like a critical need at one point quietly fades out and slips off the front page. Social media is a great example that isn’t talked about nearly as much today as it was just a couple of years ago. It isn’t because the hype didn’t pan out or because it isn’t relevant anymore. Quite the opposite. There’s more social media use going on today in business than ever and the growth path looks steady.

The headlines changed because the trendsetters and trend hijackers moved on to Big Data and other things that get more attention. In the meantime, social media has become an expectation for how work gets done in most places. Sometimes the name changed to “collaboration.” In fact, “media” isn’t really necessary anymore, as “social” is simply a way to go about business, whether that’s social selling (LinkedIn), social innovation (crowd sourcing as in Quora or Wikipedia) and social investment (Kickstarter). Social is just a channel. One among many but an important one.

Social media isn’t dead at all, it just isn’t as headline-grabbing when it becomes an expectation.


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