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Social learning model

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Social learning model

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The social learning model has proved to be very effective in both workplace and academic setups. Often times, for it to effectively take place, no teacher, expert or tutor is required because all the parties involved simply learn from each other. If all the parties involved have any form of knowledge and skill, then social learning will effectively take place. It is simply the best way of learning and has been found to be more effective than the traditional classroom set-up where the tutor or teacher is required.

Social Learning Before

In the past before the internet became the most utilized resource, social learning still existed. Learners would have a discussion or demonstration session in a room or anywhere appropriate and learn from each other. The disadvantage with this kind of social learning was that the ideas were limited and the number and diversity of learners gathered was limited too. However, with the increased internet use world-wide, social learning has changed and now offers endless learning opportunities.

Online Social Learning

Social learning has been boosted to a whole new level as new learning platforms have been created. Platforms such as the social media have largely contributed to the adoption of the social learning model by many academic institutions and business organizations. Learners world-wide are able to share information with other like-minded learners and receive new information in return.

Improvement of Skills

The social learning model has also helped learners gain insights from a diverse group of learners thanks to the internet. They get an opportunity to measure their skills against others and make improvements where necessary. Often times, learners think they are well equipped with the best skills and knowledge about something and until they find other learners and have a social learning session, they never know their limitations.

The Rise of Better Learners

Social learning has ignited the need for more knowledge in many learners who would have otherwise never made it in the traditional learning set-up. It has helped many uninterested learners to discover their abilities and get interested in becoming experts in a particular field. Many great learners have social learning to thank, because from it they were able to overcome whatever learning limitations they faced and gain knowledge from others.

This form of learning continues to change many learners’ learning abilities and improve the quality of the knowledge gained. Social learning is here to stay because more learning institutions and workplace organizations are encouraging and adopting it.


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