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Social Media Lead Generation and Conversion Secrets for Professionals

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Social Media Lead Generation and Conversion Secrets for Professionals

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Ok, you are all setup, you have three or more profiles, Google+, LinkedIn and Facebook; you have your own wordpress blog on your own self-hosted, perfectly optimized website; you are ranking on Google and the others for key words in your posts that you are regularly creating and distributing; blog posts and/or photographs and/or video and other content.  You are spreading it around in groups and book-marking sites.  People are following and endorsing and otherwise connecting to you on social networks and now it is time to turn new connections into clients.  My entire income, and my entire business is dependent on conversion of online leads.  There are terrible mistakes that can be made, and lots of money too.   My business (social media advertising agency) is so competitive, with so many formidable adversaries, that I must plan for success.   Here are my tips:

Do these:

  1.  I always start by thanking people for the privilege of being connected, introduced.   This tells them that I respect their privacy.
  2. Have a value statement: why would anybody want to talk to you?  This is in your mind and on the tip of your tongue through the whole process.
  3. Make it personal, and optimize and brand for search.  For instance, our newsletter is the  ”B2B Home Business Network News .com” and it has over 130,0000 opt-in subscribers, and it is the number one “B2B home business” on Google, it has become it’s own brand, and that is exactly what we do for our clients.
  4. Be the source of original unique in all the world content, not regurgitated cliches or hopped-on band wagons.  If you cannot create it hire somebody who can.
  5. Pictures and videos are also websites and they can rank on searches, so…
  6. Take time to properly optimize all meta data for all content including pictures and video, not just blog posts, using congruent key words and avoiding punctuation
  7. Spread your content around regularly in groups linked back to you, building traffic for an ever increasing number of words and phrases – don’t worry about duplicate content other than have the content be original and unique, and show Google a link back to the source, Google will rank the source.
  8. When people voluntarily connect to you, follow you, become your friend, +1, like or otherwise interact with you, like comments on your posts, look at who they are, like what they did.
  9. If they look like interesting prospects, by email or posting, tell them who you are a how you are connected, and request to set a time to talk in person, or on the phone.  If they ask what for, be subtle, after all you are strangers; ”I just wanted to chat and see if we may do any business together.”
  10. Once you have your appointment, start out by asking them to tell you what they do, everyone likes to talk about themselves  and this will give you information to use if you are to suggest doing business.

Don’t do these:

  1. Don’t be too assuming, you are strangers – respect other peoples space and privacy
  2.  Don’t be too aggressive – be a whole person who talks normally, not just a salesperson pushing a product – this is a two way conversation.
  3. Don’t be generic, in other words: you are not just another Realtor or banker or lawyer or photographer – remember your value statement and never forget that your client has not heard it yet even if you are tired of saying it.
  4. Don’t skip to the bottom line – like dating, you must first get a date, then make it fun, then maybe dance on the next date – I would not usually expect a deal to close in one conversation with a stranger you met online.  The product or service needs to be good enough for them to buy it after careful consideration.
  5. Don’t lie, everything is public online!
  6. Don’t misrepresent your size or expertise; that kind of selling is outdated, and, frankly, educated people find it disgusting.
  7. Don’t start the conversation without saying hello,  introduce yourself  just like you would to a stranger in public
  8. Don’t forget your picture and some public information – social media profiles need faces and some info on them; no face, no info, no rapport, no connection.

If you follow these rules, you will get notifications and emails like the ones below, no longer strangers, these leads I follow have usually read something I have written, an article or a comment, or a video.. almost all my sales start out this way, and I have clients all over the world ;)
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