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The Social Revolution of Products

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The Social Revolution of Products

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Superb post from the Havard Business Review discussing how companies are creating products that are smart, connected, and above all social. With inexpensive sensors, wireless routers, and cloud computers all available the internet revolution is ready for round two – inside everyday products. Read more below.

We are moving from a world in which physical products are separate to one in which they are connected.  Computers were just the beginning.  Appliances and engines now send alerts when they need to be serviced.  Cameras upload their photos automatically.  Vending machines trigger their own restocking.  Crops feed and water themselves.

This shift has many monikers:  “The Internet of Things” and “The Internet of Everything” are two of the most popular. But the history of the Internet suggests that this is just the beginning.  The real change will happen when products aren’t just connected, but social.  Instead of the Internet of Things, we should be thinking about the Social Network of Things. To take advantage of this shift, you need to start thinking about the social life of your products.

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