Software Development Status Quo - 1: General Insights (as of Feb. 2016)

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Software Development Status Quo - 1: General Insights (as of Feb. 2016)

Want to learn about the state of software development? Here's some insight into the development space, focusing current trends. Check out popular programming languages, loved and hated technologies, web dev, mobile dev, and more!

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In this post, I will select some results from surveys/studies/reports/statistics about the state of software development. The intent of this post is to help developers understand what is happening around them, and current technology trends so that they can adapt and remain competitive.

For shared or different results between resources, I selected a single resource as a reference and left other results to readers to find differences themselves.


Popular Programming languages[1]

* Note: Have a look at this other article which summarizes findings from different important resources in a single post.

Most Loved Technologies[2]

Most Hated Technologies [2]

Most Wanted Technologies [2]

Web Development

Server-Side Technologies

Server-Side Languages [3]

Web Servers [3]

Client-Side Technologies

Client-Side Languages [3]

Javascript Libraries[3]

Text Editors [2]

* Note: Text editors not IDEs

Text Editors by Occupation [2]

Source Control [2]

Mobile Development

Operating Systems Market Shares [5]

Mobile Application Markets [5]

Mobile Developers [2]

Agile Methodologies [4]


[1] IEEE Spectrum: The 2015 Top 10 Programming Languages
[2] Stackoverflow holds an annual survey about the state of software development. These results as per 2015 survey.
[3] W3Techs — World Wide Web Technology Surveys, as per February 2016
[4] VersionOne — 9th annual State Of Agile Survey, 2015
[5] MobiForge — Mobile Software Statistics, 2015

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