Software Quality Testing: Is Your App Trustworthy?

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Software Quality Testing: Is Your App Trustworthy?

A study from the Centre for International Governance revealed that 57% of 24,000 respondents are more concerned about their personal information today than they were last year. The message is clear: App Security needs to be a priority.

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At this point, you have likely read plenty about how severe cybercrime damages have become. Whether the sheer volume of attacks or costs associated with events sway you or not, the ways in which security failures are altering user behaviors are worth discussing.

If your mobile app monitoring and digital testing programs are not up to snuff, chances are you will be leaving holes in the code that can either lead to disruption and poor user experiences, or security issues. Once you cross that particular Rubicon, you will be faced with a long, uphill battle to repair your brand's image in the eyes of customers and colleagues alike. Let's take a look at how security has been impacting the digital landscape, then discuss the impacts to app development and management.

Where Has All the Trust Gone?

A study from the Centre for International Governance revealed that 57% of 24,000 respondents are more concerned about their personal information today than they were last year, Infosecurity Magazine reported. With this in mind, it should not be surprising that the study also found that 83% of these individuals have made some sort of adjustment to their routines online as a result of these fears.

The message here to app developers, testers and managers is clear: If you do not have a safe, secure and reliable app to offer, you might not have much success with respect to adoption in the coming years.

App Security Needs to Be a Priority

"Internet users are expressing a clear lack of trust in the current set of rules and, more importantly, in the actors that oversee the sharing and use of personal data online," Fen Hampson of CIGI explained, according to Infosecurity Magazine. "There is an overwhelming consensus among respondents that the Internet is everyone's issue, and that no single actor or institution is absolved of responsibility or can be trusted more than the others in the pursuit of governance."

So, not matter who are your target customers, you have to get security under control as soon as possible, especially as apps begin to host more sensitive information.

Strong Mobile App Testing a Must

Strong app testing will help to improve the functionality and reliability of new app and website releases, and quality assurance will tend to be devoted to rigorously testing the software for errors. However, security-related checks should be built directly into the app development and management processes as early as possible. 

Right now, you still have a chance to separate yourself from those that have been victimized by data breaches. More consumers trust technology companies than the government, The Hill reported, which is somewhat positive, but can change at any moment.

BetaNews pointed out that one mobile breach can cost a larger enterprise more than $25 million. So long as your apps are protected against threats and tightly coded to mitigate the risk of holes going un-patched, you will be more likely to gain and maintain the trust of your users over time.

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