Software Testing Services, Automation, and Testing Types

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Software Testing Services, Automation, and Testing Types

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Types of Software Testing and Automation

A good QA can make all the difference between successful and unsuccessful SaaS products. An application with features similar to others can be a success provided it works properly without issues and makes the user feel happy using it. Your testing process can make or break the application, ensure that this aspect is taken care of by a team of expert persons. You can build the competency in-house or outsource to the Best Testing and QA Company you can know of.

Whether you do QA for your SaaS application in your own company or give it to someone else, there is some essential type of tests that should be performed. They are enlisted below:

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A map of the different types of testing.
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This is the most basic type of testing, where the application gets categorized into different components and then each is checked individually. For instance, let’s take the example of a vehicle tracking application. The app will be divided into all the different modules, such as reports, geographical location, driver details, search, etc.


Here you check whether different components of the system, when integrated together, work properly. In the tracking application, we’ll test whether the customer receives a message when the payment is due (integration with SMS gateway and email server), be able to do payment within the application, can fetch data from third-party sources using API’s, etc.


Here you check how the entire application works. This is what the end-user will face, which you’ll know about. Even if functional and integration test cases were passed, you’ll have to make sure it all works together as expected, in the system.


This one checks whether the system is able to take an increasing load of several users. Your vehicle tracking application might be working properly when there’s one truck to be tracked. What when there are 100? The system might crash if regression testing is not done. What this type of testing does is, it creates many virtual users and then checks whether the system is able to handle all of them without impacting the application speed.


Alright, your application met all the checkpoints. What if a few months after the launch, a hacker stole all the passwords and sensitive information? This actually happens, because expecting hacker not to steal your data because you did no harm, is like expecting a tiger not to attack you because you’re a vegan. There are many things like cross-site scripting, SQL injection, database patterns, etc. which developers usually don’t take of when making the application. For data-sensitive applications, it’s highly recommended to get security testing done.


It’s not practically feasible to first write test cases and then manually check each and everyone for whether they’re working fine. It’s suggested to automate this process by using tools such as Rational AppScan or Apache JMeter, which will write scripts and then you can run the tests. It saves a lot of time and effort in the long run.

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