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So...I Bought a Raspberry Pi...What Should I Do Next?

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So...I Bought a Raspberry Pi...What Should I Do Next?

Well, I went and snagged a Raspberry Pi. Check out my current and future projects, and chime in with suggestions or tell me about your Pi DIYing.

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So I caved in and bought a Raspberry Pi. I’m a hardware junkie, and after my ancient Shuttle XPC running Xubuntu died (RIP motherboard), I needed (er…wanted) something new to play with. The natural multimedia junkie that I am, I’m mainly planning on using my Pi for retro gaming and as a home theatre PC (HTPC). Thus far I’ve installed RetroPie on one microsd card, and Raspbian/OpenELEC on another.

I’ll be publishing some articles on my experiences and experimentation with the Pi, but I’m all for suggestions. A quick Google search yields loads of sites with awesome DIY ideas. Highlights include a multi-room music streaming hub, coffee maker, and even beet-based drumkit. What neat Pi projects do you have? What would you like to see me create with my Pi? Leave a comment or hit me up on Twiter with some recommended ideas, OSes to try, or let me know what you’ve been working on. Happy tinkering!

12/16/15 Update:

My first two projects are live! Check out my RetroPie and Open Source Media Center tutorials below:

Getting Started with RetroPie

Getting Started with OSMC

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