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Solow Model : Adopt a JSR

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Solow Model : Adopt a JSR

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Solow growth model shorty tells us that if there is no innovation then in the long term you can’t sustain your growth. It means that you have to invest in research and development so that you can improve your technology and make a difference against your competitors.


The Solow growth model is used in economics generally, but what I discovered is that Oracle is also using this model in Java User Groups . I want to recall the Solow Growth Model...

If there is no innovation in the long term, you can’t sustain your growth.

Of course this model doesn’t always reflect the reality, but it can help us to make more accurate estimations. Oracle knows that Java needs new ideas and new innovations so Oracle supports Java User Groups, nurtures them and tries to get new ideas from them (which is good).

For instance, if you are not happy with the Date class in Java, then you can request a new version of the Date class to Oracle via Java User Group channels. If the community supports your request, then you can make a change in Java API.

The story above is true, and it comes from the London Java Community.  Their Date Time API proposal first took place as Java Specification Request and now with Java 8 it will come as a standard.


By default, all software experts should know English, but in reality it is not true. Oracle knows this reality and started to translate Adopt-a-JSR pages into other languages. Also, as a leader of the Istanbul Java User Group, I made sure we supported the Turkish translation process. Here is the Turkish version of the Adopt-a-JSR pages. Oracle’s goal is to reach as many software developers as possible in order to adopt their new ideas and put them into Java.

I don’t know if Oracle collects the ideas and sells them, but one thing is very clear; Java is evolving. Java user groups are working very hard, and they are contributing to the future of the Java, which has never done before. So far Oracle’s efforts seem great for me. What do you think?

If you want to join discussion or sharing your ideas, please follow the blog post! 


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