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Solr Power FTW: Powering NoSQL the World Over

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Pop quiz!  Can you answer the following questions off the top of your head?  If so, stop reading after the questions and show off your Solr sagacity and your NoSQL...ninjacity...in the combox.  Right, so here are the questions:

1. Why should I use Solr to relieve load from my relational database?
2. How is Solr better than the alternative NoSQL solutions already in place?
3. How do I address the pitfalls of working with Solr in large scale applications?
4. What things would be more difficult in Solr than if I had stuck with my relational database?
5. Is Solr a complete and competitive NoSQL datastore?

Thankfully for the rest of us there's this presentation from ApacheCon NA 2011 given by Alex Pinkin, lead developer on the Data Infrastructure team at Bazaarvoice.  Alex has some serious experience solving big data problems with features to which hundreds of millions of users have access.  That's right, hundreds of millions.  If you want to know how Solr can work together with NoSQL to tackle problems of this magnitude, listen up

Need to beef-up your NoSQL experience know-how?  No problem.  The talk covers the basics of NoSQL data stores.  Lacking in Lucene learning?  You'll hear about that, too, before moving on to Solr.  If you can hand all of that, you'll be ready for the real meat of the presentation, which covers scalability with Solr-NoSQL projects, specifically how to make the tech work with massive amounts of queries and a deluge of data. 

So how helpful did you find the presentation?  Why not check back in after giving it a listen and share your answers to the above questions?  After all, isn't teaching is the best way to learn?

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