Solving the Collaboration Conundrum: How to Make the DevOps Dream a Reality [Video]

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Solving the Collaboration Conundrum: How to Make the DevOps Dream a Reality [Video]

Learn about overcoming collaboration obstacles to DevOps implementation in this presentation and collection of key takeaways.

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The next advancement of DevOps empowers cross-team collaboration through frictionless handoffs, unmatched visibility, and full accountability. Our recent webcast explores how your team can contribute to a single conversation across the lifecycle and unlock the toolchain.

What's in the Webcast

After examining the DevOps challenges teams experience in “Let’s Talk DevOps and Drawbacks,” part one of our CI/CD webcast series, GitLab Senior Product Marketing Manager John Jeremiah explores the reality of DevOps, sharing why organizations have difficulty with the transformation and providing ways to overcome hurdles. We focus on communication and collaboration barriers and integration complexity before discussing the toolchain crisis and offering ways to make your DevOps dreams a reality.

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Key Takeaways

In both the presentation and Q&A portion of the webcast, John Jeremiah provides practical tips to help make the DevOps transformation a smoother experience.

Work Concurrently

When you’re able to work collaboratively and have visibility across the full lifecycle, you can think about how to build concurrently. That way you can have teams work on multiple issues in parallel so that they’re no longer constrained by silos and lack of visibility. You’ll be able to move at a much, much faster pace. It’s a liberating mindset to work collaboratively across the full lifecycle rather than having to wait and wait and wait for handoffs.

Align Culture

DevOps is about a cultural aligning of goals and KPIs so that people can work collaboratively. It’s also about removing barriers and roadblocks so that people can work faster and have a common view and discussion to unify behind. Having a single source of truth where you can have traceability and visibility across the lifecycle helps you streamline processes and enable teams to work efficiently.

Shift Left

Being able to shift left is an important capability. If you can identify performance and security issues as soon as they happen and are introduced into the code, you have a chance to fix them.

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