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Some Little Tweaks in Cassandra 1.1

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Some Little Tweaks in Cassandra 1.1

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Jonathan Ellis has listed the new features added in Cassandra 1.1 over at the Datastax blog.  Here's a summary of some of the more interesting changes.

  •  Support for CQL3 (including support for compound keys and wide rows)
  • Updated caching simplifieshow you tune cache sizes.
  • Support for mixing SSDs and magnetic storage, allocated by table.
  • Support for Atomicity, Isolation, and Durabiity out of ACID
  • Live traffic sampling.
  • Compression is enabled by default.
  • SerializingCachProvider now supported on Windows.

Read "Developing Apps Using Active-Active Redis Enterprise" and discover the advantages over other active-actve databases.


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