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Some notable features for HTML 5

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With all the buzz around HTML 5 I thought I would create a list of some of the more notable features being talked about.

The feature I’m excited for is Embedded Video and Audio!  This means that you will be able to embed audio and video just as you currently do images.  Now you will not have to rely on third-party software like flash.  The embedded video and audio will also have built in controls (such as play and stop).

Say hello to Application cache.  What application cache will allow developers to do is store internet data locally so the user can access it without being connected to the internet.  Though at first this doesn’t sound like something exciting it actually is pretty useful.  A great use for this would be storing email locally which is already being done.  If you happen to use Google Gears then you are already using this feature.HTML 5

Ever wonder where you are?  Well the Geolocation API might be able to help.  This API is loaded with all sorts of location information like network signals, GPS, RFID, WiFi, Bluetooth MAC address and GSM/CDMA cell IDs.  This will allow for some really nice location based web applications but the main “downfall” is that the user has to give permission to the web application first before it can use any of this information.

Now you can paint away on your HTML Canvas.  The actual Canvas tag does nothing but you can add javascript to create dynamic images.  This element is for programmable graphics.  This allows developers to animate graphics and allow the user to control them.  This is not just for 2D graphics because Vladimir Vukićević created a plug-in for Firefox which enables 3D based OpenGL applications.  Most browsers have yet to adopt the 3D method but I’m sure they will in the future.

A few API’s that I hope to hear more about are definitely the Drag and Drop API, Editing API and the API that exposes history and allows for pages to add to it to prevent breaking the back button.

HTML 5 will be backwards compatible in that it will be functional with the way browsers and applications handle the deployed content.  HTML 5 will be dropping several attributes from HTML 4 because they feel CSS does a better job at handling those tasks.  Don’t worry though because I’m sure browsers will still support the attributes.  As for a full release date well… your guess is as good as mine.  I haven’t seen anything concrete yet and I’ve heard some people speculating a release in 2022!


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