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Some Noteworthy Tips to Generate Revenue From Your App

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Some Noteworthy Tips to Generate Revenue From Your App

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Irrespective of whether you are running a small or medium-size business or a large scale enterprise, developing an app can be a critical investment for your business. Undeterred by the ever-increasing challenges of application development, businesses today don't think much about the outcomes. But bear in mind that even a visually aesthetic and functional app may not be able to generate good revenue. In fact, businesses employing all possible revenue generating methods, often fail to succeed.

Here's a list of some remarkably useful tips that will help you in generating good revenue from your application:

  • Publish a How-to Guide For Your Game App

Most of the users generally downloads a game app only after asking for some recommendations or after reviewing what other users' have to say about the app. And so, users very well know that they will get something new from the application they have downloaded. They will probably play with it quite frequently, but it's bound to get uninstalled if the users can't understand how to use the features of that app. So, if you don't want your app to bite the dust, then make sure that a user (or how-to) guide is published for it. In fact, you can release some cheat codes or hints to keep users' engrossed into playing the game apps.

  • Alternatives to Using Push Notifications

When you will look for Mobile Application Development Services from some reputed mobie app development firm, they will probably know how important information about your app can be conveyed to users via Push notifications. Especially, the developers who have built email and messaging apps are aware of it. But, then you will stumble across a few developers who still don't have any knowledge about using push notifications. Wondering why? That's because of strict rules imposed by Apple, Google and Microsoft – that makes it difficult for the developers to use push notifications to promote or advertise their app. However, there are a few alternatives that notify users by sending out push notifications.

First allow users the ability to integrate their app with their social profiles (like Twitter, Instagram, etc.) or to their contact list. The second alternative is to enable geo-feature integration in the app. Using these two ways will help users interact with others using the app, as you can send push notifications to the users to notify them about them the activities of their social networking friends, or contact list.

  • Offer Rewards to App Users

Users love to receive rewards, whether they are accessing a website or playing a game app on their Smartphone or tablet. Therefore, if you are creating a game app then make sure to provide different kind of valuables to the users' – when they clear a stage. Using such valuables users' can move ahead in the game and earn some special powers, which eventually entices them to play the game time and again. Similarly, you can think about adding some extras to any other app that you're building.


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