Some of My Favorite Visual Studio Extensions

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Some of My Favorite Visual Studio Extensions

Is Visual Studio your IDE of choice? If you said yes, read on for a brief overview of five extensions that help with myriad issues devs face every day.

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Nowadays, I can’t imagine code in Visual Studio without extensions. So, here, I will share my favorites!


CodeMaid is one of my favorites. It's very useful for cleaning up code, removing unused spaces, and formatting code perfectly. 

Output Enhancer

Very simple and useful extension that helps you to identify warning, errors, information messages in your Output Window in Visual Studio.


I think this is the most complete extension for web development in Visual Studio. It's the easiest way to set up Visual Studio for the ultimate web development experience.


After installing WebEssentials and restarting Visual Studio, the following extensions will be installed:


I think ReSharper is one of the famous extensions for Visual Studio. Though it’s not a free extension, in my opinion, it's worth it. Here's what you can do with ReSharper:

  • Analyze code quality.
  • Eliminate errors and code smells.
  • Safely change the code base.
  • Instantly traverse the entire solution.
  • Enjoy code editing helpers.
  • Comply with coding standards.


Another paid extension, not very expensive and perfect to debug code, especially LINQ queries. OzCode helps the developer to identify problems while working in debug mode and it has a lot of other features to help you out:

You can even check LINQ with lambda without getting a headache!
OzCode also makes it very easy to identify the condition in an if clause.
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