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Some of the Things You'll Love About Eclipse JDT

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Some of the Things You'll Love About Eclipse JDT

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It's true, Eclipse does look very complex with all its plug-ins but taking time to get to know it is worth the effort. I've been saving a lot of time since I began using Eclipse and here are a few of the things I appreciate more:

  • Code Assist: Just press ctrl + space anywhere in the editor or start typing and then press ctrl + space. This is great for generics and not only.
code assist
  • Refactoring, just a right-click away. You can change the return type, the name and the access modifier of the method, you can add, edit and remove method parameters and exceptions and the best part is that the rest of your code that uses this method will be adapted to the modifications.

    Refactor/Rename works directly by selecting any member and then pressing Alt+Shift+R

    Refactor/Move easily moves methods, references, classes with little risk of damaging the rest of your code.

refactoringchange method signature

  • Quick Fix. You'll get a quick fix for almost anything. You'll also never have to type an import again.
quick fix_01 quick fix_02
  • Another cool thing is that you can drag and drop the Java variables and methods in the Outline view and that will also affect the actual code.
drag and drop

  • Call Hierarchy opens a view with all the places where the method or variableis called. Clicking on any of the results in this view will take you to the location of the result. I found this to be really useful.
open call hierarchy

  • Externalize Strings. This is just wonderful and really time saving. You can choose to externalize the strings in the whole project or just in one class. Eclipse will create a new properties file containing the strings and a Messages class with references to it. You can choose not to externalize all the strings in the window that opens after choosing Source/Externalize Strings
externalize strings externalize Strings 2

These are just a few of the features that I use more often and I hope you'll find them useful.


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