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Some thoughts on eMail in the 21st Century

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Some thoughts on eMail in the 21st Century

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Email has been around well before the Internet took off as the pervasive technology that it is today. 

Originally designed as an electronic replacement for the paper memo’s and reports that populated corporation’s pre the Internet era, the use of email today as gone far past what it was originally designed for – as an electronic asynchronous communication method.
Email never was and still isn’t designed to be the multifaceted collaboration tool expected in today’s organisations. 
Yet that is what many people still use it as.
One only has to walk around any office environment today to see a myriad of screens all displaying an email client – like people are waiting for a prompt or something to begin working. Similarly outside of the work environment in today’s mobile world people are busy viewing and responding to prompts brought to them for action via email.
Yet, email is not collaboration.
Every day, the emails pile up. Tasks get left undone. Messages go unanswered. Meetings overwhelm us.
  • More time isn’t the answer.
  • What we need is a clear sense of where to focus the time we have.
  • What we need is an easy way to collaborate with the people that matter most 
  • to us.
  • What we need is a way to take back control of our day.

I believe we need a completely reimagined view of what email should be.
Your needs, working style and priorities are entirely unique to you. Therefore email needs to have the intelligence to get to know you - identifying the people and patterns in how you work—and then draw your attention to the messages, meetings and tasks that you care about.
Work is a collaborative act, and collaboration means more than sending and receiving. It calls for real-time understanding, cooperation and communication throughout an entire organization — especially for teams that are spread out or on the go. Email and its client’s needs to show you a smarter way to work. It needs to put the focus back on what matters—you, your community and your work.
And this all means that analytics - in addition to Social, Cloud and Mobile – must now play a big part on email from this point on.
Is this the way forward?
What do you think?


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