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Some Weird Facts About JavaScript

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Some Weird Facts About JavaScript

Sometimes, JavaScript gets a bad rap as being hard to learn. Well, in this article, we don't really help to dispell this notion. Take a look at some of the quirks of JS!

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Arguments Object

The arguments object is an Array-like object corresponding to the arguments passed to a function.

function argumentFunction(){

function Add() {
  var sum = 0;
  for(var j = 0; j < arguments.length; j++) {
    sum += arguments[j];
  return sum;
Add(1, 2, 3, 4); // returns 10

Note: It is not an array, however, it is similar to an array and it has a length property in it.

Importance of { } 

function method1() {
      name: 'foo'
function method2() {
   return {
      name: 'foo'
typeof method1() === typeof method2()   // return false

The first function returns undefined and the second method will return the object as expected. Parentheses play a major role, so they should be handled with caution.

Note: it's good practice to put the opening parentheses on the same line you're working on.

Floating Number :

0.1+0.2  //0.30000000000000004
0.1+0.3  //0.4
0.2+0.4  //0.6000000000000001
0.2+0.5  //0.7
0.3+0.6  //0.8999999999999999
0.3+0.7  //1

Try 0.1+0.2 in your JavaScript environment and it will not return 0.3, however, 0.1+0.3 will return 0.4.

0.1+0.2 == 0.3 will return false, so we should be careful.

Sum of Arrays and Objects :

{} + [] // 0
[] + {} // "[object Object]"
[] + [] // ""
{} + {} // "[object Object][object Object]"

From the above code, we can come to a conclusion that: 

{} + []  == [] + {} // returns false.

These are some of the weird facts about JavaScript. However, there are many and if you find anything weird, please share it in the comment section.

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