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Sonar 1.12


The Sonar Team is pleased to announce the 8th and last major Sonar release of the year.  Here is a summary of the new features included in the release :

Users, groups and project roles

Ability to manage credentials at project-level. Sonar now embarks a complete user management mechanism to secure any Sonar instances by defining who can access and administer each project. User management is both simple and flexible : add new users, group them and associate them project roles : Administrator, User or Source code viewer.



Project Roles

Highlighted code syntax

Because code is not just a bunch of plain black text, it becomes pleasant to read it and it’s now much easier to eradicate commented-out lines of code (see line 97) :

Highlighted code syntax

Ignore violations with the new ‘//NOSONAR’ comment

The NOSONAR tag tells Sonar to ignore all violations on a specific line whatever rule engines are being used to scan code. Of course, Sonar is still able to manage widely used //NOPMD and //CHECKSTYLE:OFF … ON. We have simply added a native way to manage false positives. This feature is a real improvement for users that have activated Findbugs rules as there was no clean way to tag a Findbugs as a false positive : there is now ‘//NOSONAR’.


Better source viewer

As surprising as it can be, the full package name was not displayed in previous versions : it is fixed now. Moreover the number of public APIs is added to the header. In Sonar, a public API is either a non empty public constructor or a public method that is not an accessor and does not starts with the ‘@Override’ annotation.

Source viewer

Quickly get the key of the rule that has been violated and click to get the full description :

Rule description

You can read the release notes to find out more on the 62 issues that are being fixed in the release… or you might want to give it a go right now !


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