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Sonatype donates Maven 3.x integration, Eclipse Integration to Hudson

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Sonatype donates Maven 3.x integration, Eclipse Integration to Hudson

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We’re very excited about the proposed move of Hudson to the Eclipse foundation.  To get the project off the right start in its new home, Sonatype has committed to donating all our Maven 3.x related work to the Hudson project. This includes the Maven 3.x integration for Hudson itself, our Eclipse integration, and our Maven Shell integration.

To start the process of donating our Maven 3.x related work we are inviting everyone to an informal webinar where we’ll walk through and demonstrate the complete Maven 3.x feature set of the Hudson integration. We’ll field any questions, listen to feedback and record the session so that anyone may use the recording as a reference for the Maven 3.x feature set. Everyone is welcome!

The specific features of the Maven 3.x builder for Hudson we’ll be talking about at  this  webinar is as follows:

Configuration Features

  • Maven installations
  • Global configuration templates
  • Settings and toolchains configuration upload and builder selection
  • Maven 3.x builder configuration

Build Comprehension Features

  • Basic summary: goals, module list with status, name, duration
  • Runtime details
  • Module details: active profiles, produced artifacts, consumed artifacts
  • Artifact details for the entire build

Advanced Features

  • Auto archiving of artifacts
  • Auto fingerprinting of artifacts
  • Up/downstream triggers

We will also talk about how we integrated GWT, some of the benefits and drawbacks, and whether we think it’s a viable technology for Hudson. We have also created 10 new plugins and we’ll talk about some of those. Again, the webinar is going to be very informal, we really want feedback and questions from users in the Hudson community.

Webinar Details

Webex link: Community demo for proposed Maven 3.x support in Hudson

Date: Wednesday May 11th, 10:30AM-12:00PM EDT (GMT – 04:00)


From http://www.sonatype.com/people/2011/05/sonatype-donates-maven-3-x-integration-eclipse-integration-to-hudson/

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