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The All-in-One Maven, Hudson, Nexus Pro, and m2eclipse Package From Sonatype

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The All-in-One Maven, Hudson, Nexus Pro, and m2eclipse Package From Sonatype

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A few months ago DZone took a look at Sonatype's Maven Studio tooling.  One of the unique aspects of this open core software was the ability to "on-board" developers extremely fast for a new project.  This week, Sonatype unveiled an even more all-inclusive tooling suite called Sonatype Professional.  It's Java development infrastructure includes:

  • Apache Maven
  • Nexus Pro
  • Hudson
  • m2eclipse - For visual management of Maven

Like Maven Studio this tool suite integrates right into Eclipse, eliminating many inefficiencies that would exist if the stack were standalone.  

DZone once again got the chance to catch up with Maven creator and Sonatype CEO Jason van Zyl to discuss this new release:

DZone:  I wanted to ask you how Sonatype professional advances the overall development tooling vision that started with Nexus Professional and then the Maven Enterprise Suite offerings?

Jason van Zyl:  Sonatype Professional was created in reaction to four  primary requirements collected from our customers, who are primarily large enterprises.  1)  To build a full development infrastructure stack based on their growing adoption of Maven  2)  To provide an integrated, supported distribution for their most commonly used open source infrastructure.  3)  To improve development efficiency  4) To make it easier to comply with corporate standards.

DZone:  What makes Sonatype Professional unique from other ALM tools suites? Does it have the Maven Enterprise Suite offerings included?

Jason:  1) It's the only tool suite to include 'developer onboarding' -- this is unique functionality we developed to help developers get up and running on a new project in hours.  In a single click, developers can materialize Eclipse, plugs, source trees, and CI jobs.   This really helps improve productivity, and helps teams standardize.
2)  It's completely integrated with Eclipse -- which minimizes context switching.
3) It's the only Java tool suite completely integrated with Maven Central, our cloud based Java artifact repository.
4) It's available for a fraction of the cost of legacy tool suites, and marks a significant improvement over do-it-yourself infrastructure because it's integrated, tested, and supported.  
5) It's developed and supported by the creators of Maven, Nexus, Maven Central, and m2eclipse.

Product plugs aside, Sonatype is becoming much more visible in the enterprise Java development tooling space.  There are also other newcomers like CloudBees, a PaaS startup that now has the Hudson creator on board.  Then there are the incumbents: VMware/SpringSource with new products like VMforce and vFabric, JBoss/RedHat with DeltaCloud and the acquisition of Makara, and Google with their business version of App Engine and their recent integration of GWT and Spring Roo technologies.  There really seems to be a trend toward cloud-based development (PaaS) from all of these open core vendors.

If you needed any more evidence that open source is a viable option for a business foundation, this announcement fits the bill.

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