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Solving SourceTree Issues: Invalid Copy Paths

In this post we take a look at how to resolve the issue mentioned in the title of this article. Read on to find out what that resolution is.

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Background Information

My system got upgraded to Windows 8.1 and I had to install all required software for the development work. I use SourceTree as a tool for Git commands for the projects, so I installed that again after the format.

The Problem

Unfortunately, when I started adding the projects as working copy, it complained to me that "This is not a valid working copy path." The error is not so much self-explanatory, which triggered research work.

The Solution

Before I landed upon the solution, I had visited all available menu options in SourceTree to find out the problem. Finally, something engrossed me. I was on the Git Tab.

Tools -> Options -> Git

I found some buttons saying "Use Embedded Git" and "Use System Git" at the bottom. I suspected that Git is not yet enabled for SourceTree and therefore was not able to identify my commands. I enabled it; that’s why it is shown as disabled below.

SourceTree Git Settings

SourceTree Git Settings

Voila! Everything started working as expected.

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