Spark Summit East 2016 Highlights

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Spark Summit East 2016 Highlights

Zone Leader Tim Spann sums up the best presentations from Spark Summit East 2016.

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Another great big data event wrapped up.   Spark Summit East 2016 was pretty amazing and packed full of data engineers, data scientists, programmers, architects and various people looking to learn all about Apache Spark and it's huge ecosystem.

Another of the keynotes, talks and presentations are already online for viewing.

Lots of new things are coming in Spark 2.0 that are pretty amazing, you really need to read them for yourself.

Top 15 Links From Spark Summit East 2016

  1. Spark Summit Keynote by Shaun Connolly

  2. Spark Summit presentation by Ken Tsai

  3. Spark Summit Presentation by Anjul Bhambhri

  4. Databricks Dashboard

  5. Amplab Splash ML

  6. Distributed Machine Learning Made Easy on MLLib

  7. MLBase

  8. Project Tungsten: Bringing Spark Closer to Bare Metal

  9. TensorFlow on Spark - Open Sourced at Spark Summit

  10. The Future of Real-Time in Spark by Reynold Xin

  11. Generalized Linear Models in Spark MLlib and SparkR by Xiangrui Meng 

  12. Spark 2.0 by Matei Zaharia

  13. 2016 Spark Summit East Keynote: Ali Ghodsi and Databricks Community Edition demo

  14. Jump Start into Apache Spark and Databricks by Denny Lee

  15. Spark AWS MPP Database - Redshift Package

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