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Sparkline: From PIL To S60

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Sparkline: From PIL To S60

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py_s60 1.1.3 has its drawing API very similar to PIL.
Porting from PIL to S60 is very easy. Here's an example
that I port a sparkline drawing function from 
Joe Gregorio's article at xml.com

# modified from  Joe Gregorio's article at
# http://www.xml.com/pub/a/2005/06/22/sparklines.html

from appuifw import *
import e32

lock = e32.Ao_lock()
c = Canvas()
app.body = c
draw = c._draw

red, green, blue, gray = 0xff0000, 0x00ff00, 0x0000ff, 0x777777

def plot_sparkline(results, step=2, height=20, \
    min_m=None, max_m=None, last_m=None, \
    min_color=blue, max_color=green, last_color=red):
    coords = zip(range(1,len(results)*step+1, step), \
       [height - 3  - y/(101.0/(height-4)) for y in results])
    draw.line(coords, gray)
    if min_m:
        min_pt = coords[results.index(min(results))]
        draw.rectangle([min_pt[0]-1, min_pt[1]-1, min_pt[0]+1, min_pt[1]+1], fill=min_color)
    if max_m:
        max_pt = coords[results.index(max(results))]
        draw.rectangle([max_pt[0]-1, max_pt[1]-1, max_pt[0]+1, max_pt[1]+1], fill=max_color)
    if last_m:
        end = coords[-1]
        draw.rectangle([end[0]-1, end[1]-1, end[0]+1, end[1]+1], fill=last_color)

results = [88,84,82,92,82,86,66,82,44,64,66,88,96,80,24,26, \
plot_sparkline(results, 3, 30, min_m=1, max_m=1, last_m=1)

app.exit_key_handler = lock.signal

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