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Spiff Up Your ASP.NET MVC Forms With jQuery

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Spiff Up Your ASP.NET MVC Forms With jQuery

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Since many people who are being introduced to ASP.NET MVC are being simultaneously introduced to jQuery I felt like I’d give you a quick introduction to a few jQuery plug-ins that will help you make better forms. But most importantly make your forms better without you really having to do too much to them.

What I am going to show you here is nothing new, but hopefully it will introduce a few people to the joys of jQuery plugins. The plugins that we are going to take a look at are jquery.blockUI, jquery.form, and jquery.datePicker. We are also going to introduce you to a good bit of standard jQuery.

But first, let’s start off by talking about what each of these plug-ins will do for you. The blockUI plugin will give you that cool effect that overlays the UI with a modal dialog and fades out the background. The form plugin lets you post forms via javascript. The datePicker plugin does exactly what it says, it creates date pickers. The jQuery UI project has a date picker as well, but this is just a simple usable date picker.

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