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Spinnaker: Netflix's New Cloud Deployment Automation Tool

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Spinnaker: Netflix's New Cloud Deployment Automation Tool

Six years ago, Netflix decided to let someone else handle the data center for them: Amazon. Since then, in house tools like Asgard have made things simpler, now that tool is being replaced by something better.

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The Netflix tech blog often shows us just how quickly technologies move at world-class internet companies with some of the best developer minds on the planet.  After just a few years of service, their in-house open source tool for efficiently automating AWS deployments, Asgard, is being put out to pasture.  In its place, a new tool called Spinnaker is being used.

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Spinnaker isn't open source right now, but we have gotten some details about it's extensability and ability to bring in more of the Continuous Delivery orchestration that was previously being done in individual app teams at Netflix using mainly Jenkins.  Asgard was just the last step in a variety of delivery processes.

The main points of Spinnaker's mission are:

  • Be compatible with changes to cloud asset via Asgard, so a big bang migration to Spinnaker isn't required.

  • End the need to fork (many would with Asgard) by making the cloud deployment models extensible, allowing the community to send innovation back into the project without having to fundamentally change it.

  • Hand some functionality back to the AWS Console.  Asgard tried to do too much, but Spinnaker just focuses on tasks related directly to cluster management, and the rest (e.g. SNS, SQS, and RDS Management) can be handled by AWS Console.

So Spinnaker should be coming to open source in the next few months, and Netflix has said that their engineers won't be contributing to the Asgard repo on GitHub anymore.  Others are encouraged to take advantage of the still-useful functionality of Asgard though.

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