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Spring 3.2 is Ready for Production - Spring Integration 2.2 Too!

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Just a few weeks ago Spring 2.2 GA was released  as one of many tools in the Spring family.  In case you missed it, the Spring Framework itself had its GA release, completing the last step in Spring's yearly dev cycle.  There is some wonderful new stuff to enjoy and plenty of other cool stuff on the way, like Spring Scala.

From the SS Blog:

* Refined Java SE 7 support within the framework as well as through upgrades to CGLIB 3.0, ASM 4.0 (both of which we're inlining now) and AspectJ 1.7
* Concurrency refinements across the framework, avoiding the use of synchronization wherever possible – in particular for scoped/prototype beans
* Allowing for @Autowired and @Value to be used as meta-annotations, e.g. to build custom injection annotations in combination with specific qualifiers
* Support for custom @Bean definition annotations in @Configuration classes, e.g. in combination with specific qualifiers, @Lazy, @Primary, etc
* Asynchronous MVC processing on Servlet 3.0, with Spring MVC handler methods being able to return Callables and DeferredResults
* Inclusion of the formerly-standalone Spring MVC Test project, allowing for first-class testing of Spring MVC applications
* Support for loading WebApplicationContexts in the TestContext framework, and further improvements for web application testing
* Early support for JCache 0.5 (JSR-107) as a backend for Spring's cache abstraction

So, we all know it takes organizations a long time to migrate from one Java EE to the next.  How quickly will you migrate to this new version of the Spring Stack?

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