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Spring AMQP 1.6 RELEASE Available

We are pleased to announce that the Spring AMQP 1.6 GA (1.6.0.RELEASE) is now available in the spring release repo, as well as in the Maven Central.

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We are pleased to announce that the Spring AMQP 1.6 GA (1.6.0.RELEASE) is now available in the spring release repo, as well as in the Maven Central.

First of all, thanks to everyone who contributed to the project anyway: JIRAs, GitHub issues, Pull Requests, blog posts & articles and even just with simple StackOverflow questions!

You can find the full feature pack in the previous Spring AMQP 1.6 RC1 blog post. You can refer to the what’s new in the reference documentation as well as the closed JIRA Issues for the entire 1.6 version.

Nevertheless we encountered with the couple last minute features which we would like to share here as well:

  • The User Id message property can now be populated in the RabbitTemplate viauserIdExpression. Typically we can use username from the ConnectionFactory:
<rabbit:template id="rabbitTemplate"
                 user-id-expression="@connectionFactory.username" />
  • Another community contribution feature is Builder fluent API for Queue andExchange definitions:
public Queue fooQueue() {
    return QueueBuilder.nonDurable("foo")
                  .withArgument("foo", "bar")
public Exchange fooExchange() {
    return ExchangeBuilder.directExchange("foo")
                  .withArgument("foo", "bar")

This is the last 1.x line release, although any maintain 1.6.x releases are possible, but as just bug fixes and minor improvements. Next up (2017) is 2.0, which may require Spring 5 and include some Reactive Streams effort and Java 8 code base.

As usual, we welcome any feedback, questions, or help, using the usual mechanisms:

Project Page | JIRA | Contribution | Help

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