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Spring Boot Easy Logging

What if you enjoy Spring Boot, but hate its packaged logging system? This project should make logging easier, and maybe even enjoyable.

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I've liked the Spring framework since I started using Spring Boot. It is undoubtedly easier to configure and run a Spring project with Spring Boot when you use  spring-boot-starter-logging  without any configuration, Logging is provided out of the box but who is not fed up with seeing this clumsy code?

private static final Log log = LogFactory.getLog(CardService.class);

public Card createCard(User user, String cardNo) {

    if ( log.isDebugEnabled() ) {

        log.debug("Creating a new card for user: " + user.getUsername()
            + " cardNo: " + cardNo);


    return new Card(user, cardNo);


It is verbose and some developers even argue that in a web application in which there is a lot of threading, a final static logger shared by all threads may result in bottleneck (I don't know how, by the way).

I decided to create a Spring logger project to alleviates this pain a little.

Instead of the above code, what if I show you this:

static org.slf4j.Logger LOGGER;

public Card createCard(User user, String cardNo) 
   LOGGER.info("Trace annotation will do the job but any other informant log goes here ");

It doesn't matter if you declare the log variable static or not, it will work either way although I suggest you remain with static logger, injecting logger per request is somehow slow.

It prints: 

15:09:16.870 [main] INFO org.logeasy.test.TraceTestService - Entering : [TraceTestService] :  testWithParams("test", 1)
15:09:16.870 [main] INFO org.logeasy.test.TraceTestService - TEST WITH PARAMS
15:09:16.870 [main] INFO org.logeasy.test.TraceTestService - Exiting : [TraceTestService] :  testWithParams("test", 1)

If you don't see Exiting : [Class] : methodName(parameterValues) , it means something bad happened or exception is thrown.

Logeasy gest even more exciting after I add Spring Expression Language (SpEL). What if you could code like this:

LOGGER.debug("Creating a new card for user: #{user.username}");

How to Set Up Logeasy

To enable Logeasy, just add a dependency to your Maven project and set up following beans:

public TracePostProcessor trace()
     return new TracePostProcessor();

public LoggerPostProcessor log()
    return new LoggerPostProcessor();

Everything is ready now. Enjoy logging!

To download the source code, please visit the project github.

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