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Spring Creator Sees "The Decline of the Traditional Java EE Server"

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Spring Creator Sees "The Decline of the Traditional Java EE Server"

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Infoworld reporting from TheServerSide Java Symposium, delivered a choice quote from Rod Johnson, creator of Spring, about the decline of the traditional Java EE Server. Rod is well known for his predictions of a "changing of the guard" for Enterprise Java.

"I think we're basically seeing the decline of the traditional Java EE server," said Johnson. "If you look at the increased prevalence of lighter-weight solutions like [Apache] Tomcat, if you look at the fact that OSGi allows you to fundamentally structure applications and services in a different way, I think it's very clear that we're in for a period of profound change."

This is completely consistent from what Rod had to say 2 weeks ago at The Spring Exchange. Rod references the Gartner report from September 2007, entitled Trends In Platform Middleware: Disruption Is In Sight when discussing why we're facing changes in Java EE, which gives validation that developers are turning to simple, more lightweight solutions such as Spring.

The past has seen the Java EE server as a runtime for everything. But change is needed now, considering experiences with application servers, and the rise of SOA and RIA's that access servers in different ways.  

Spring 2.5 has given the framework even more prominence with Java EE developers, with the possibility to use annotations as a configuration option as well as the traditional XML based configuration options, and adding first class support for JSF.

Speaking about the next major release of the framework planned for September this year, Johnson says that considering the interest in REST (Representational State Transfer) that Spring 3.0 will have comprehensive support for RESTful web services.

 Do you agree with Rod about the decline of the traditional JEE server? Has Spring made your life easier?


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