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Spring Hyperic Links to vCenter

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Spring Hyperic Links to vCenter

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The SpringSource-acquired Hyperic app manager is now integrated with VMware's vCenter in its latest 4.4 release.  Along with several new features, this integration extends the capabilities of Hyperic, particularly on VMware's vSphere platform.  Hyperic 4.4 now maintains a continuously updated inventory of ESXi and ESX hosts so administrators can easily manage the VMs.

Hyperic can provide deep, real-time data on more than 75 different web development technologies.  The tool was acquired by SpringSource just before Spring was acquired by VMware nearly one year ago.  Since then, VMware has been preparing it for the virtualized (and cloudy) infrastructure of the future.  

Version 4.4 has virtualization-aware alerts that can distinguish between a guest OS that shuts down intentionally or unintentionally.  This can prevent those bothersome false alarms when a system shuts down by design.  It makes it much easier to scale application infrastructure without setting off alarm bells.  

The main areas of improvement in Hyperic 4.4 include:

Faster Diagnosis of Virtualized Application Issues:  4.4 provides visibility into all of the application infrastructure layers, making it easier to pinpoint the cause of a performance issue by comparing performance data in the application, in the guest OS, or in the ESX host.

Automatic Mainenence of Application Infrastructure Inventory
:  Hyperic can now automatically discover ESX hosts, VMs, and guest OSes within a few minutes of their launch.  It presents them with a unified topology to see which components are running on ESX hosts, eliminating the need for Config Management Databases (CMDBs).  Hyperic will also detect when a virtual machine is moved from one ESX host to another using vMotion.  Topologies are adjusted accordingly, no monitoring data is lost, and alerting workflows don't need to be recreated.  

Other features added in previous versions of Hyperic include:

  • Automated Problem Responses
  • App Virtualization Migration Assistance
  • Virtualized Environment Event and Log Monitoring

Learn more about Hyperic here. [http://www.hyperic.com/]


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