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Spring, Oracle Move Forward with Project Gemini

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Spring, Oracle Move Forward with Project Gemini

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The proposal for the Enterprise Modules Eclipse Runtime Project, dubbed "Gemini", was recently unveiled on the Eclipse website.  SpringSource and Oracle are the two starter companies behind Project Gemini.  Gemini is an open source project containing multiple sub-projects that are enterprise-level implementations running in a module-based environment.  Most sub-projects are the OSGi reference implementation (RI) for a particular technology.  These sub-projects can be used by application developers or be integrated into a module-based Java EE container.  Gemini is about showing how the Java EE APIs can work on the module system.

In a company blog [http://blog.springsource.com/], SpringSource CTO Adrian Colyer said that the collaborative work in the OSGi Alliance Enterprise group "is picking up pace."  Spring and Oracle have now pooled their specification component RIs so it will be easier to locate the relevant pieces.  The two projects currently being contributed by Spring are:

Gemini Web Container (RFC 66):  The OSGi Web Container RI is used in the SpringSource dm Server, but it can also be a standalone entity.  Moving to Eclipse will make it easier to add web app deployment to an OSGi Service Platform.  The code currently works with Tomcat and is being configured to work with Jetty as well.

Gemini Blueprint Service:  The Blueprint Service programming model for OSGi based on the Spring Dynamic Modules model. Colyer says the Spring Dynamic Modules project has grown into a very popular foundation for developing enterprise applications on the OSGi Service Platform.

These two projects will be licensed under the Apache and Eclipse project licenses.  Oracle will contribute RI's for the following RFCs:

  • RFC 98: Transactions
  • RFC 122: Database accès
  • RFC 139: JMX integration
  • RFC 142: JNDI integration
  • RFC 143: JPA integration
  • RFC 146: JCA connector integration

Both Spring and Oracle's OSGi RIs will be in the same location as the Equinox OSGi Service Platform.  However, the project is not coupled to Equinox or any specific OSGi framework.  EclipseLink is another Eclipse technology that works in OSGi, but there are standards for running JPA and JAXB in OSGi that need to be integrated.  The Gemini subprojects supports applications written to the supported Java EE APIs, or enterprise-level usage of Java SE APIs. Any application written to run on the OSGi framework can make use of Gemini.

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