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Spring Pulls Out Two Releases to Upstage iPad (Not Really)

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Spring Pulls Out Two Releases to Upstage iPad (Not Really)

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The developers at SpringSource just announced a dual release including Spring Framework 3.0.2 and Spring Python 1.1.0 milestone 2.  Although it won't be talked about as much as tomorrow's iPad launch, it's an exciting release for Spring users.  The Spring 3.0.2 release updates several third-party libraries and Spring Python 1.1 M2 includes new features and API improvements.

Spring Framework

The Spring 3.0.2 changelog starts off with over 100 bug fixes for things like cross-module version ranges in OSGi manifests and the contents of the org.springframework.web.struts JAR.  The release also introduces web support refinements like the new HttpEntity class and fixes some regressions as well.  3.0.2 adds support for some of the most up-to-date third-party tools such as Hibernate 3.5 final, which was released only two days ago.  Here is the complete list of newly supported third-party tool versions:

  • Hibernate 3.5 final (native and also as a JPA 2.0 provider)
  • Upgraded to Hibernate Validator 4.0.2 and Jackson 1.4.2
  • OpenJPA 2.0 beta 3 (support for JPA 2.0 persistence.xml versioning)
  • Hessian 4.0.3 (in terms of exception propagation)
  • JasperReports 3.7 (in terms of resource management)
  • Restored full compatibility with Servlet 2.4 containers on all VMs

Spring Python
For those of you who don't know, Spring Python takes the concepts that Spring Framework uses for Java and applies them to Python.  This gives Python developers useful features such as dependency injection, AOP, remoting, data access, transactions, and security with Spring's non-invasive style.  The second milestone of version 1.1 adds a handful of bug fixes, improvements, and new features.

Here are the new features in M2:

  • Investigate creating JmsTemplate
  • Create a YAML-based IoC configuration parser
  • Add DisposableObject
  • Add lazy_init as option to @Object
  • Add LDAP support to security module (CPython)
  • Implement abstract objects
  • Add JMS SimpleMessageListenerContainer

You can find Spring Python 1.1.x's key features here.  Spring Python 1.1's final release will be in June.

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