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Spring Reading - Getting Started with Spring Framework

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Spring Reading - Getting Started with Spring Framework

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Here's a list of reading for getting started with Spring:

  1. Inversion of Control Containers and the Dependency Injection pattern - Martin Fowler's seminal oldie, but goodie bliki article. It seems quaint at this point, but only because "everyone's doing it" (which was heavily due to Martin Fowler's work). It's a bit confusing at times, but should be a required read.
  2. Spring Framework Reference - A lot of people put a lot of work to make this comprehensive reference. Points of interest:
    • Application Structure - In Spring, by default everything is a Singleton. Stateless Services are a common pattern.
    • Configuration Management - Spring's great at reading in environment specific information. I consistently use the PlaceHolderConfigurer along with either a system variable (-D) or maven file copy to select appropriate variables.
  3. Spring MVC vs. JAX-RS is a great article on comparing some of the latest REST technologies and getting up to speed on Spring MVC.

Note: I put this together for an experienced developer who's a Spring newbie who would like to learn a bit about the theory and implementation of Spring. Hopefully this will be useful to others as well. Any further reading suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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