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Spring vs. EJB: Conclusive Job Trends

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Spring vs. EJB: Conclusive Job Trends

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I'm pretty skeptical when it comes to web sites where you can type different keywords and then see graphs comparing job trends relating to those keywords. But how about these ones for EJB vs. Spring? In general, it's always a question of which keywords you type. For example, type "java programmer" and you get different results to "java developer" and so on. Relative job trends are also often quite dubious. However, I find these two graphs very compelling:

Note that I made sure to enter "spring framework" and not "spring", since the latter would've thrown up all sorts of seasonal jobs and so on. Should you need further evidence, here are the actual jobs that match the above keywords:



And here's an overlay of the above two graphs:

Of course, one might argue that EJB and Spring are not competitors on all fronts. However, they are competitors on most fronts. So... one can say, without doubt, that in a three year timespan, from February 2005 to February 2008, that the demand for EJB developers is more or less stable, with a few ups and downs (and currently tending downwards more and longer than previously), while the demand for Spring developers is very clearly rising massively. Should one have needed the evidence, here it is, and conclusively.

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