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Spring.NET Superiority Over MS Unity and Ninject

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Spring.NET Superiority Over MS Unity and Ninject

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I'm evaluating .NET-related technologies for the purpose of my latest project (desktop application for processing radiological and pathological images). Today I played with MS Unity and Ninject.

I was quite surprised that either MS Unity nor Ninject are unable to handle bi-directional references, like these:
class A
   B B { get; set; }

class B 
   A A { get; set; }
Both MS Unity and Ninject enter infinite loop (create default constructor and set a break point there).

Spring.NET resolves dependencies without any problems. A huge plus for Spring.NET.


In case someone would argue why I use bi-directional references: it's a desktop application where implementing MVC/MVP requires view to have a reference to controller/presenter and controller/presenter to have a reference to view.

I used latest versions of Unity and Ninject available in NuGet.


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