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SpringOne Platform 2016 Replay: Reactive Kafka [Video]

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SpringOne Platform 2016 Replay: Reactive Kafka [Video]

Merging Reactive Streams with Apache Kafka can help you simplify the process of building asynchronous systems while incorporating microservices.

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Apache Kafka is a distributed, scalable, high-throughput messaging bus. Over the last few years, Kafka has emerged as a key building block for data-intensive distributed applications. As a high-performance message bus, Kafka enables the development of distributed applications using the microservices architecture.

Reactive Streams simplifies the development of asynchronous systems using non-blocking back pressure. The reactive framework enables the development of asynchronous microservices by providing a side-effect free functional API with minimal overhead that supports low latency, non-blocking end-to-end data flows.

After an introduction to Kafka and reactive streams, we will explore the development of a Reactive Streams interface for Kafka and the use of this interface for building robust applications using the microservices architecture.

Recorded at SpringOne Platform 2016.

Speaker: Rajini Sivaram

Slides: http://www.slideshare.net/SpringCentral/reactive-kafka

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