Where Does Apache Geode Fit in CQRS Architectures? [Video]

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Where Does Apache Geode Fit in CQRS Architectures? [Video]

As today's apps grow more complicated, Apache Geode helps with reliability, fault-tolerance, and integration with other systems, particularly CQRS architectures.

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Recorded at SpringOne Platform 2016.

Speaker: Eitan Suez

Slides: http://www.slideshare.net/SpringCentral/where-does-apache-geode-fit-in-cqrs-architectures

In this talk, Eitan Suez will explore the question: Where does Geode fit in an organization’s system architecture? Geode is a unique and feature-rich product that perhaps hasn’t seen as much adoption as it deserves. Today’s apps are no longer the straightforward, database-backed web applications we used to build a few years ago. Applications have become more sophisticated, as they’ve had to meet the need to scale, to be reliable, fault-tolerant, and to integrate with other systems. In this talk, Eitan will suggest one particular fit for Geode in the context of a CQRS architecture and welcomes you to attend and to contribute by sharing how you’ve put Geode to use in your organization.

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